"Can't connect pins" error on Array-Find-Node

Hey there!

I work on a blueprint which communicates with the components added to it. I use a Find-Node on the Loop Elements of the “Get Child Components” to find the components exact index. That’s sort of a workaround way because the “Get Child Components”-Node doesn’t give reference of the exact child-components (which I use for input) but a reference of scene components. Anyway: The find-node works well for this, the only issue I have is, that anytime I close and restart the Unreal Engine, I get the Error-Messeges shown in the Image. "Can’t connect pins “Item to Find” and “Item”. However as soon as I break the links and reconnect them in the correct order, everything compiles nicely once more.
All above takes place in the Construction Script by the way.

It would be a great help to have another workaround or a way to make the “Get Children Components” Node output distinct references.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:
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Try to do a cast action before.