Can't connect Custom Events from one Blueprint to another?

I’m new to Blueprint so sorry for the noob question. I searched the forums and AnswerHub, but couldn’t find anything.

I’m following the video tutorial here on Communicating Between Blueprints:

When I right click and create a custom event in one of my blueprints, that works as expected. But when I right click and search for the name of the custom event I just created in another Blueprint, it can’t find it. I know I’m typing the name correctly and my Blueprints are compiled. I’ve even created the function in the original Blueprint and copy-pasted it into the second blue print, only to receive an error that it can find the custom event. What am I missing?

Can anyone confirm if this is working as expected for you?

yes this is working as expected.
you can only create event from another blueprint if you have a reference variable saved with one instance of that object in game.
you can then get that variable in graph and drag off it’s pin to create custom events.

However, above method usually cause blueprint dependency, so it’s not encouraged.
If you want to access/call another blueprint’s event, make an interface and implement that with interface.
So, make sure you check interface related doc/tutorial/wiki.