Can't connect although I did 1:1 the same?


I’ve been following a tutorial by Unreal Engine, sadly a year old and they changed a few things around.

So I wanted to do an Inventory system, pickup/drop etc. and having issues with the Drop button and used button, see pic for info:

The red line indicates what should be connected but I cant?

Exact moment of the youtube tutorial by UE;

Thanks a lot in advance!

Try dragging from the ‘Mycharacter’ variable and doing drop action rather than connecting it afterwards, same with you ‘Item’ in your struct

Doesn’t Work :confused:

Nobody else any tips? :confused:

What variable type is the Mycharacter? Also, did you create the Drop Action event inside of the blueprint associated with your Mycharacter variable? In order for you to execute an event, the target pin needs to be the blueprint that contains the event/function.