Can't configure the project for android platform!. plz Help

i’ve downloaded nvidia codeworks 1R6 and install it and opened ue4.15 and looked at project sitting (Android sdk) and it was still empty here is a pic:

and tried to configure the project but i couldn’t here is a pic:

then i fix the android sdk tab like the:

but still can’t configure the project:

i installed the engine from (4.15).

sorry for my bad english.

Hi ,

The settings to configure the Project in Unreal are basically the AndroidManifest.xml settings. Like Android Package Name and so on … you need to understand Android before you can package an Unreal game for Android. Do look in the android documentation AndroidManifest and let me know if you have more questions.


Check out link text
Its probably a problem with how you ran setup.bat when building ue4 from source.