Cant Compile. UE4 Cant Find file [Project Name]UE4Editor-ShooterGameLoadingScreen-4616.dll.response

I have been working through the shooter demo to learn my way around UE4. Today I fired up the project only to find that I cant compile my code because I am missing -UE4Editor-ShooterGameLoadingScreen-4616.dll.response. This happened suddenly with no major changes to the project except for a few lines of code. I went ahead and rolled back to a previous working version through my source control only to find that the same bug exists. I was able to build, compile and package all from this version only a few hours ago.

Warning: Starting HotReload took  0.0s.
CompilerResultsLog: New page: Compilation - Sep 5, 2015, 7:08:14 AM
CompilerResultsLog: Info Compiling game modules for hot reload
CompilerResultsLog: Info ERROR: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file 'D:\ShooterGame\Intermediate\Build\Win64\ShooterGame\Development\UE4Editor-ShooterGameLoadingScreen-4616.dll.response'.
CompilerResultsLog: Info File name: 'D:\ShooterGame\Intermediate\Build\Win64\ShooterGame\Development\UE4Editor-ShooterGameLoadingScreen-4616.dll.response'
CompilerResultsLog: Info    at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
CompilerResultsLog: Info    at System.IO.File.InternalCopy(String sourceFileName, String destFileName, Boolean overwrite, Boolean checkHost)
CompilerResultsLog: Info    at UnrealBuildTool.UnrealBuildTool.PatchActionHistoryForHotReloadAssembling(List`1 OnlyModules)
CompilerResultsLog: Info    at UnrealBuildTool.UnrealBuildTool.RunUBT(String[] Arguments)
LogMainFrame: MainFrame: Module compiling took 0.446 seconds
Warning: HotReload failed, recompile failed

In that location I have these files:

  1. Makefile.ubt
  2. ShooterGame.exe.response
  3. UnrealHeaderTool.manifest

I downloaded the working version of the project from source control,placed it in another folder location and then opened that project up, everything works as it should. Even with this work around it will be annoying to have to change project location every time this bug comes back.

I’m also having this problem, it’s a pain in the ■■■. I have to do a full rebuild all the time, I can’t make header changes then try to recompile. Super annoying.