Can't compile project. "Couldn't find definition for DerivedDataCache(...)

Hello there.

I’m using a compiled-from-source engine to develop. My project stopped working, so I went to open the .uproj, then the “Try building manually” message appeared. In Visual Studio everything seems to be working, but when I try to launch again from the .uproj , it will still say “try building manually”. Before that, the dialog will go so quick it’s difficult to track the whole error. I could only pick that line in the title.

I have tried rebuilding the engine, the project, deleting all binaries (project, plugins, etc), Saved and Intermediate folders; but when I delete the Intermediate folder then go to VS to rebuild, no project will be loaded and it will fail because it won’t find the …vcxproj file containing the definitions for all VS solution projects. How can I proceed?

Thanks in advance