Can't compile 4.16 branch - D3D12StateCachePrivate.h(716): error C4596

I am trying to compile 4.16 branch from commit
SHA-1: 6e7549f50d662b3ee4328c304ef082c7578be90a

  • Fix fontrender automation test failure

#jira UE-45230
#rb none

[CL 3450190 by Marcus Wassmer in 4.16 branch]

But this branch couldn’t be compiled because of

4>d:\unrealengine\engine\source\runtime\d3d12rhi\private\D3D12StateCachePrivate.h(716): error C4596: SetPipelineState: недопустимое полное имя в объявлении члена

Visual Studio 2017.

I’ve got the same error trying to recompile UE4 to modify SceneCapturer.cpp for the Stereoscopic 360 plugin.

2>e:\unrealengine-4.16\engine\source\runtime\d3d12rhi\private\D3D12StateCachePrivate.h(716): error C4596: ‘SetPipelineState’: illegal qualified name in member declaration

You have the fix here: