Can't commit due to file size; help?

I can’t commit changes to GitHub because a file is too big:

remote: error: File Saved/StagedBuilds/WindowsNoEditor/OffenseDefense/Content/Paks/OffenseDefense-WindowsNoEditor.pak is
555.56 MB; this exceeds GitHub’s file size limit of 100 MB

Is there a way to break this file or others into multiple pieces so that I don’t run into this error in the future? What would I need to do?

Nope, you shouldn’t commit large binary files to Git, especially Github.

Btw, it’s bad idea to keep “Saved” in repository. It’s definitely local folder :slight_smile:

One easy thing you can do is simply zip up your packaged game, go to the “Releases” page on GitHub and attach your file to a new release. That’s how we currently distribute the binary dependencies for UE4.


how do I prevent github from syncing that?

Use the .gitignore file. Create a file at root of project called .gitignore if its not already there, then add the path to the saved folder you want it to ignore. You can find examples online.

If you need a free private Git hosting that can support larger files, BitBucket is a good choice. It’s limited by number of users, but unlimited bandwidth and private repos are free.

You can actually configure Github for Windows to push to a BitBucket repo.