Can't clone a c++ github repository

Hi everyone,

So making the repository works using ue4.

I have installed Git LFS and when adding the source control i also check the box for the .gitattributes.
When i go to my github desktop and try to publish my repo it asks me to enable Git LFS and i click yes.
Everything works fine and the repository is made.

Now when i go on an other other pc and try to clone the c++ repo it gives me the following error:


I am using the same engine version and the project is called “Learning”.
When i click yes on the error the following error pops up:


When i try the same things but using a blueprint project it all works out fine.

How can this be fixed so that i can just make a github repository from inside of ue4 using the source control function?

Thanks is advance!

Have you tried opening up a solution and building the project, that is what the message box suggests.