Cant click Button

Hello u.

i have a problem on my Menu.
If i start the Menu in Editor i can click buttons as far as i dont klick in the window but not on the buttons.
if so, i cant click on buttons anymore… dont know why and how to fix it.

if i build the game and start it, i cant click on buttons from start to kill with alt f4.

someone have a idea?

greez DarkSoe

I can’t understand what you are saying.

Please reply back with more understandable text.

for now, the main problem is that i cant click on the buttons in my widget if i build the game with Frontend or ProjectLauncher as WindowsClient.

i figured out, that if i start in viewport and hover over the buttons i can click and the button works. but if i click in the window first and then hover over a button the button dont reakt and by clicking on it nothing happens.

this is UE 4.14