Can't change default character

I am making a game for some time now and I can’t figure out how to change the white default guy to my downloaded warrior from infinity blade free pack. I am using a mac. I can make the mesh change into my warrior. But when I start playing and moving him he just floats around. No animations. The skeletons are the same, I have tried to retarget, re download. What should I do?

you need an Animation Blueprint to your Mesh in the Character Blueprint. Click the SkeletalMesh and under Animation select “Animation Blueprint” instead of “Animation Asset” and select your Animation Blueprint.

It didn’t work. When I make a new game in the 3rd person package and then open it the third person character is the default. I then click the default cheater and open my warrior from the free marketplace pack. I then click the arrow that changes the default skeletal mesh to the Warrior. I then looked at Animation and it already said Animation Blueprint. What do I need to do???