cant change camera rotaation.

the title says it all, I cant rotate the camera of my ball and I have no idea why, the camera is set up the same as the BP sidescroller, I tried changing the camera/springarm rotation in the sidescroller and it worked fine.

here is a video showing what I mean.

as you can see when I change the rotation of the spring arm it looks how it should in the BP but when I play the camera has moved but is still level instead of tilted down.

why cant I change the rotation of the spring arm in my BP?

thanks in advance:)

ps. if anyone knows what’s going on with the dodgy shadows on the mesh let me know, it happens on every mesh I make that rotates:p

Unchecking “Use Controller View Rotation” in the Spring Arm properties should fix this.

turns out “Use Controller View Rotation” was already unchecked, I tried it with that option checked and I couldn’t cgange the camera position at all so it must be something else, any other ideas?

Check the Spring arm too. That often has the Controller rotation checked.
Oh, when you do that, the camera view is gonna spin all over the place as it’s attached to the ball (Prepare for rolling!)

well the camera did start rolling around the ball but it was still staying level and looking forward.

I think its got something to do with the bones.

Now, also make sure the camera isn’t using Controller Rotation too :stuck_out_tongue:

ah that fixed it, now all I have to do is work out what’s wrong with the shadows:p

thanks tom:)