Can't cast to npc camera.

I want to make interact. And switch camera to another npc

When my character interact with 1 npc, character camera switch to camera of 2 npc. How to make it? I can’t build right nodes.

Sorry for strange screenshot. I don’t know what I need for you help.


Have you looked these up?


Yes. I have.

But this video show switch cameras within one blueprint.

But, I want, that 1 blueprint will be intermediary. And character camera switch to 2 blueprint

I want to make it because, i want to separate NPC window. When I interact with npc into scene, I will jump to individual scene with individual backgrount and interface etc.

Maybe. Did you use CAST TO node for Security Monitor? How did you jump from monitor blueprint to external camera on level?

Maybe it is the same solution for me.

I am sure, that I need to use CAST TO node. But I can’t build right connection.


I did it before in a Level where I jumped to an external camera to show a camera view when they looked at a Security Monitor.

This may be a little different, as I did not take control of the camera, it was on a loop of turning left and right.

Is it this type of thing you are after?



Here is a simple solution.

I have done this in Player Character, Topdown Project.

Player View when Started

If I press X

With this Blueprint, I still have control over my character, so you would need to run more scripting to change control to new actor.

Below is the Camera BP and scripting

Camera BP

Getting the Camera

Blueprint with Flipflop to switch between Cameras"

You will need to turn off ‘Context Sensitivity’ to get ‘Set View Target With Blend’


No problems, just mark it resolved so other people know.

Hope it works well.

Yeah! Thank you.

Node “Get All Acters of Class” helped me!

How to mark it? I can’t find.