Can't call overridden function


ue 4.6.1

I have a function “Execute” in a parent blueprint and multiple children

the function has a return value

the function is overridden in 3 of the (many) child blueprints

when i try to call the overridden execute using an instance of one of the children , i can only call the original (empty) function of the parent

Hi Mohammad,

I attempted to reproduce this but so far I haven’t gotten your results. Could you recreate this error in a small test project and upload it here?

I am sorry for the late reply

i can’t recreate the project for technical reasons (ue4 crashed and i am facing bigger more immediate problems now)

i did however manage to recreate the problem on my own

it is simple: ue4.6.1

  • create 1 parent blueprint
  • create 3 children of that parent
  • create a function “execute” in the parent that returns a “false” boolean
  • rightclick “execute” in 2 of the 3 children and press implement
  • create a new blueprint
  • add an event that takes in a “parent” as input
  • cast the input to one of the children
  • as the output of the cast, try to call execute

this will give you the desired experience as seen in the above pictures

The reason of not being able to reproduce this is:

Here is the way to get the cast working properly. The Execute function node still shows the parent bp (which I’m investigating and will likey bug) but it is correctly casting to the child’s version of Execute. I have the parent’s function set to False and the child’s set to True.

Let me know if this works for you.

I created JIRA UE-13976 for the issue where the function node reads the parent and not the child. Our developers will be investigating the issue and we will post back here with updates as we have them.



thank you very much