Can't call Jump on character from animation blueprint

Anim BP:

Do Jump funtion:

All prints work. But Character dont want jump.

If i call Do Jump from Character’s BP all works fine


Is it bug?

Bumping this because I have the same problem, The right point to call Jump should be determined by the point in the animation where the character’s weight is off it’s feet. Otherwise it looks weird.

The best I can do is set a bool in the character from the animation notify and then check the bool on a tick event in the character.

I’m also facing this problem, have you managed to figure anything out?

Create a boolean variable for the character and make sure it’s initialized to false. Set the bool to true in the notify event. In the character tick event, check for that bool. When it is true, call Jump and set it back to false.

I got this working and it looks really good. The character bends his knees and doesn’t start traveling upwards until they are extended again.

I described my solution in the answer below.

Thanks, I’m aware of this workaround but was hoping for an event driven solution rather than a polling based one. I was hoping for a fix…

I have reported this as a bug

You should probably submit bugs formally. It won’t get addressed in the forums. But polling a bool on tick won’t affect performance and it looks fine, so anyone who wants to make jumping look good right now can use this method.

I didn’t post anything on the forums regarding this issue, the link I posted is to the bug report section of Answer Hub which (as far as I’m aware) is the formal method of reporting UE4 bugs.