Can't call a function from another blueprint

Öhm you need to plugin an exec pin at the left side or otherwise nothing will trigger the function or the printline.

You could use the input action from your first picture.

You need to fill the variable Target Var with the actual weapon and than call the function from it. The white left Arrow in the second pic needs to have the Input Fire from the first one. :open_mouth:

In general, you never call the function or the print.

I’m trying to call a shoot function in my gun blueprint from the player blueprint but it just doesn’t even print the string. How can I solve this?

player BP:
gun BP:

How can I call the input function from the gun BP? I tried to make input fire func to the gun BP but it never executes. Guess it has to be in the player BP. But I still want to have the shooting mechanism in the gun BP since there is going to be multiple weapons in the game and it wouldn’t be clever to check which one of the 9999 guns is being held.

use event insted of function, as it’s overrideable in blueprint, this way you can have diffrent fire code on one event call. also make base class for all weapons ofcorse and declere event there