Can't build UE4.24 for Android9(API28)

I firstly installed CodeWorksforAndroid-1R7u1 , but it doesn’t contain “android-28” files in platform of ndk and sdk file.

**ERROR: The NDK API requested ‘android-28’ not installed in C:/NVPACK/android-ndk-r14b/platforms. **


Therefore, I installed CodeWorksforAndroid-1R8 which contains “android-28” files,
and checked what there are “android-28” files in the ndk-r18b files and sdk file.
However, I couldn’t build a project.

ERROR: Android toolchain NDK r18c not supported; please use NDK r14b to NDK r18b

I tried putting "android-28" files into the ndk-r14b and sdk files when I installed CodeWorksforAndroid-1R7u1, but an error has occuerd. (Sorry, I forgot copying the log.)
Please tell me what should I do from now on?

My product Version is UE4.24.3.
Sorry, I don’ know how to modify the mistake.

Soon there will be UE4.25 and the workflow is different , since it will not use codeworks anymore, but directly Android Studio. So, if it is not urgent and you don’t have a version lock, I would suggest to not spent too much time on this error, and wait for the new version to check if you still have packaging problems on UE4.25

I’ll try to use UE4.25 and install AndroidStudio.
Thank you!

First of all i dont recommend using android studio, as you will still get the same headache. Heres the issue, Nvidia used to work hand in hand with unreal back when the gearVR first came out and everything worked swimingly. As both tools have evolved that is no longer the case and the info in the unreal documentation is outdated, and codeworks no longer has the sdk manager that allowed you to install multiple versions of sdks and ndks (which is extremely annoying). What I would recommend you do, download an older version of codeworks, and before you install everything from the chooser, make sure the ndk version is under 18. If it is, you should be good to go.

Actually, I couldn’t build my project with UE4.25 and Android Studio. SDK and JDK passes seems to be wrong.

I treid lowering SDK and NDK API level from 28 to 24 before download an older version of codeworks.
Fortunately, I succeeded in building my project.
Now I know that Android doesn’t always need SDK or NDK matched to current API level.

Thank you!