Can't build UE editor in VS: Error 93 error RC1015: cannot open include file 'windows.h'

Can’t build UE editor(4.1).
Using VS2013, all SDK is installed.
Error message on pic.

Run As admin and see what will happened

it may solve this issue and i’m not sure…just try

Thanks for answer, but i found problem. There is need to set path inherit form parents

perfect …please provide the information how you did that so everyone see this question and suffer the same problem could follow your way to solve it

thanks :slight_smile:

How did you actually manage to do that? i am having the exact same errors, and running in admin didn’t fix it…

I don’t exactly know what you mean by “inherit from parent”

It’s pretty easy, you just need go to project property, select VC++ directory and in droplist select inherit path form parent.

I post answer in main tree

where i can find the main tree

I believe he is talking about his excepted answer above.

What was the step by step solution? i can’t really get what you mean.

With this ‘workaround’ I can compile my project from Visual Studio. However I can’t compile in the editor, I can’t package my games for android. UE can’t find window.h and new. I couldn’t find any proper solution on the internet. How can I fix this?