Can't build. Swarm agent error "Local agent failed to initialize with a TCP channel! Fatal error."

Hello. I have a problem with Build in my UE4
I opened a First Person Template sample, added a couple of boxes in the scene and hit Build, cuz program said it has to rebuild.

My Swarm Agent started, but in Status tab nothing shown
In the log tab i have this:

19:44:32: Starting up SwarmAgent ...

19:44:32:  ... registering SwarmAgent with remoting service

19:44:32:  ... registering SwarmAgent network channels

19:44:32:  ... initializing SwarmAgent

19:44:32: [ERROR] Local agent failed to initialize with an IPC channel! Falling back to TCP...

19:44:32: [ERROR] Local agent failed to initialize with a TCP channel! Fatal error.

and Agent just sits like that, UE is not responding anymore.

Is there any fix? I couldnt find this problem anywhere
I am connected to internet while Build, if thats important

Did you ever get a fix for this? I have the same problem and can’t get any work done.

Posting this for future people:
This might be specific to my company’s network but, for me, Webex Teams (which is like Slack) was the culprit. I think they are trying to use the same TCP port or something. I installed and uninstalled Webex Teams multiple times and was able to recreate this issue multiple times. I removed Webex Teams and that fixed the issue.
If you have a Slack-like IM program, try uninstalling that.