Can't build , stuck on 3% building lighting


I can’t find the support forum so, posting it here to try and get help.

I’m trying to build a small scene (few cubes/cylinders) but gets stuck on 3% building lighting. It usually goes up to 5GB ram (I have 8GB 1886mhz ram, i7-4790k, r9 290) and basically makes my computer unusable if its trying to build.

Any help? :confused:

It uses more memory then you have installed (20 GB are commited), Windows starts trashing, and everything will crawl to get done on your PC.

Install more memory would so help.

The Landscape Mountain scene suffers from that too.

If your scene is so simple as you say so, it should really be looking for ways to optimize that lighting calculation… Reduce the resolution of your lightmaps, use lightmass importance volumes. Keep your lightmass settings on default if you don’t know what they really do yet (increasing the quality more than 1 will start using more and more RAM).

Anyway, you’ll want to grab more RAM if you start playing serious with UE4. 16gb minimum.