Can't Build 4.26 Preview 5 w/ Chaos Enabled

I am trying to build 4.26 Preview 5 from source with Chaos enabled using Visual Studio 2017. However, I am getting CMake errors while compiling. CMake errors include complaints about missing Fortran compiler, missing GLEW extension, missing zlib library, etc. Note: It builds fine with Chaos disabled.

How can I get 4.26 Preview 5 to build with Chaos (i.e. fix the CMake errors)?
Has anyone else got this to compile?

Thank you.


So, although I had 77 CMake errors and the build process froze, I started the build process back up again and it completed successfully even with the 77 CMake errors still present. So the CMake errors somehow don’t affect the build process, its success, or even the built engine.

I already upgrade too to Preview5 and i dont see the Destruction Mode in the Editor Tools now =(