Can't build 4.18.1 from source on Windows

I have followed all the steps as per the post on Github and in the UE4 documentation, specifically for Visual Studio 2017 users. It is not the first time (nor 2nd,3rd, 4rth…) I build UE4 from sourcecode either. Yesterday I just uninstalled everything related to Visual Studio 2015 since I do not want several versions using up space on my main drive and did a fresh install of VS 2017, after which I was able to run successfully the Genereate ProjectFiles.bat (which had given me problems since it was still trying to find VS 2015, but that was resolved only to see that VS 2017 fails to build the Project). I also have updated and gotten new license file for Incredibuild, just in case that was part of the problem. And I still get the same errors. Please help. Thanks in advance. Btw, I am able to install and run the binary just fine, but I need to use the source code version.

These are the errors I get each time I try to build 4.18.1 release from source on Visual Studio 2017, with and without Incredibuild: