Cant bring in any animations to UE4

No matter what I do, what settings I choose, I keep getting “Mesh contains pCylinder1 bone as root but animation doesn’t contain the root track.”

Can one of you animation wizards make hide or tail of this, or better, tell me how to fix this?

I generate no errors in Maya btw

Mind sharing your import settings?

Image preferably

It could be something really simple :slight_smile:

Skeletal mesh import settings.png

Bind pose error.png

Animation Import.png

Animation import fail 1.png

Animation import fail 2.png

Hey papertiger67,

You did not tick import animations as per your first image.

Maybe that is the root of your problem?

Nope, it has no animations so it shouldn’t matter. Besides I have tried it both ways.

I’m not that great w/animations in UE but is the cylinder skinned to the root bone and is it keyed even if it doesn’t move?

There may be an issue with how you are exporting from Maya. Please post screenshots of your Maya project with Viewport and Outliner both visible (with what you have selected to export highlighted) as well as your FBX export settings.