Can't bring a Blueprint-extended class in C++?

Hello, I have created 3 public variables of UCameraShake

I then created a blueprint of the CameraShake class, however I’m not allowed to drag it into
my CameraShake variables. Why is that?


UCameraShake* is a pointer to an instance of a class in memory. “Shakey” is a class. They aren’t the same thing. You probably want to use TSubclassOf<UCameraShake>

Ah thanks, I actually tried TSubclassOf<UCameraShake*> but got a bunch of crazy errors at the time.
Though your explanation with pointers should help me with a lot of problems in the future, thanks!

I ended up creating blueprint events for my Shakey needs and just having that section be done in BP. :slight_smile:

I hope the difference between “type” and “pointer to type” is clear? If not, I recommend you read up a bit more on that, beacuse it’s necessary to write healthy C++ code.
Also, the difference between “Class” and “Class &” and “Class const &” is important to understand, too.