Cant believe theres no REAL 360 export plugin as of yet.

So how have you been doing it?

I’m going to assume you mean 360 video?

Yup. 360 and 3D like panocam2 does. Just impossible to implemenet in some situations

The ue4 devs and the community is not all about “redoing” the same things other engines and communites do.
We dont need 360degrees Video.

We care about a stable engine, good support, good feedback and good games.
If someone would now do a 360 Plugin like cryengine has it would be like: “We are out of ideas how to improve and our other stuff is broken anyways”

But that is not true at all.

I assume that a community member will do a plugin for it, but you wont see that in the engine from the developers side in a long time.
We focus on Quality firstplace, along feature list is nothing of worth if half of it does not work correctly or is documented badly.

I advice you to just go into the plugins forums here and maybe open a thread for it. That would be the easiest way or you just wait until someone put it on marketplace.

Maybe you don’t need it, but that doesn’t mean other users with different use cases don’t.

There is already some kind of 360 video plugin available, though.

Do not complain, make one yourself, and then share.
As tiny indie dev I rather have new particle system, real sound system, new matinee (which we got in 4.12), get alternative forward rendering model for shaders, better multiplayer session, with some premade modules, some out of box implementation for steam functions (also android and ios), smalled file sises for mobiles, ability to remove unused modules from packaged game.

You see that is only my list, others have different "i need it now"s .

Oh btw you want that 360 render, go to unreal roadmap trelo see if its there and vote up. Or add it yourself then hope for votes.