Can't ask questions on Answerhub

So, for some reason I cannot ask any questions on Answerhub. When I click “Ask your Question” it just doesn’t do anything. What can I do to fix ?

Your the third person to mention that today… Hang tight for a minute, I’ll check into it.

I just tested it and I cannot post to AnswerHub either…

I have notified Epic and will update thread with more info shortly

Yeah I can’t post either. Any ETA on ? :slight_smile:

Hello guys, have you had any more news on ? Or did it get resolved for you?
Me and my friend are in the same case and that’s really inconvenient since basically no one can post for us…

You can ask your questions in the until gets fixed.

Just to add “me too”.

I looked at the source code and it seems correct. Line 805 begins the <form> section and the input ID is on line 1021 just before the end of the form (</form>) on line 1023.

I wondered if there was javascript interfering with things, specifically:

            <div class="form-actions">
                <input id="submit-question" name="ask" type="submit" value="Ask Your Question" class="submit" />

I didn’t have firebug handy on machine to look to see if there was any javascript attached to form-actions but it’s my guess that something is.

@All Mods
I have checked found the. A possible solution is posted in the moderation private thread.

Hi Knobbynobbes,

Sorry the AnswerHub is not functioning at the moment, but we are aware of the problem and a team of our best people are looking into and working to get resolved as soon as possible.

Problem fixed.

Awesome! Works again for me now. Thank you!

I also cant post there as well. With that said here is my question.

Hi All,

I am a total newbie when it comes to UE, I just completed my first Arch Viz project and I am trying to get it online. So I figured I would package it using html5. Well I cant, I keep getting the following error message.

Any ideas why would be happening?


how do i ask questions and post can somebody help me im new