Can't apply damageeffect by using GameplayAbilitySystem!! Especially Applygameplayeffecttotarget!!

Hi, I’m trying to apply damageeffect to enemy, by using GameplayAbilitySystem.
However, I couldn’t figure out what is the problem.
I’m posting two screenshots.
In first picture, I successfully made gameplayevent, and also finishing sending it.
However, at second picture, I received gameplayevent by using wait gameplayevent, but i cannot apply damageeffect to BP_EnemyBase. I don’t know what’s wrong with this. Is it problem with Target Data?? I’m confused.
Please help me!! Thanks a lot.


You’re going to need some more info to find out what the problem is. Make sure the BP_EnemyBase Actor Event’s Payload is valid on the ability (a simple Print would do), and that it has a properly initialized Ability System Component to receive the Gameplay Effect.

The other possibility is that the Gameplay Effect is in fact being applied, but it’s not doing what you intend it to do.

Can you post screenshots of your Gameplay Effect’s properties? Are you checking the enemy ASC’s state before and after the effect is applied, including modified Attributes and applied Tags?

Hi Tom,

Can you please answer Antipode’s questions so we can help you?