Can't apply damage to enemy by using gameplayeffects!

Hi, I’m trying to apply damageeffect to enemy, by using GameplayAbilitySystem.
However, I couldn’t figure out what is the problem.
I’m posting two screenshots.
In first picture, I successfully made gameplayevent, and also finishing sending it.
However, at second picture, I received gameplayevent by using wait gameplayevent, but i cannot apply damageeffect to BP_EnemyBase. I don’t know what’s wrong with this. Is it problem with Target Data?? I’m confused.
Please help me!! Thanks a lot.

Did you resolve the issue?

How do you set up the owner and avatar of AbilitySystemComponent?

It could be that the owner of AbilitySystemComponent is set to something that does not implement IAbilitySystemInterface such as Controller or PlayerState and GameplayEffectSpec in C++ is not generated correctly.

Be sure that owner is set to something that implements IAbilitySystemInterface, like the following:
AbilitySystemComponent->InitAbilityActorInfo(this, this); // “this” is a derived class of Character