Can't animate a blueprint component (static mesh) via blueprint.

So, I’m creating some kind of menu that pops up when I look at certain objects.
The menu is made using a scene capture with a render target, so then I can just apply the menu to any surface:

Here’s the menu final result after applying material:

So, I want to make some basic animation, such as moving the text box plane. I made a new variable in the graph (textBoxMove) and enabled “expose to Matinee”.
In the Matinee editor I created a new group containing the blueprint and I added a new vector property track:

Then I just created the following blueprint to make it work:

But when I simulate the animation doesn’t play. The only thing that happens is that the object snaps to the variable’s default XYZ values (0,0,0).
Am I doing anything wrong?

Hi Luis Oliveira,

Do you have any blueprints calling the matinee when needed? It looks like you have the matinee calling a blueprint but no blueprint calling the matinee. Until something is calling this it won’t play.

Oh, right. That was it. Thank you for your help :slight_smile: