Can't add widget to viewport


I have made my own widget to use in ARK. The thing is I can’t get it on the screen. I have tried Event Begin Play -> add to viewport (target is my widget), but this didn’t work. Not when I placed that in the event graph of the player and not in the graph of the Gamestate.

How must I do this, anyone has an idea? Thanks in advance.

parent it to primalui

I parented it to PrimalUI and did Event Begin Play → add to viewport (target is my widget) in the Gamestate’s Event Graph, but still no widget…

can we see a snip of the activating graph? i got mine to work so i MIGHT be able to help you.

I did it in the Event Graph of HUD: Event begin play -> create widget -> add to viewport. And it worked!

a tutorial i just did.