Can't add Gameplay Tag Table List to Project settings if datatable is in a plugin

I have made a custom plugin to Lyra and in order to keep it modular I want to have the plugin in Gameplay Tags added to the main list via a Datatable. It works to link it in the Project Settings “GameplayTags” section. But when I reboot the project the list is still there but the tags are gone from the list… I have to re-add the DT to get them back…

It works if the datatable is located in the “main” folder structure… but not if it is in the plugin folder structure.
I have tried multiple ways of initiating it via the Asset Manager… The most obvious rule to add beeing the GameplayTagsList because that even state; “Base class for storing a list of gameplay tags as an ini list, This is used for both the central list and additional lists”

But it doesn’t work.
Is this an engine bug or am I missing something?
Someone got a clue?

Hi there
I am creating a game feature plugin and I managed to add a custom tag folder for that. I am out of town withou my computer, so I can’t say for sure everything done to make it work, but if you examin shooter core folder, there is a tag folder where you find an ini file. I copied that file and created an equivalent folder in my GF plugin. I recall is something like plugins /game feature /shooter core/ tags. Everytime you add a new tag, make sure to select that new ini file in the tag editor. Now, I am not quite sure where you need to create a reference for that path in your experience set. I can only review what I did early next week.

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Thank u L.F.A!

U made me think in other directions and I also got some very precise directions from a user named ScoobyDoo over at Unreal Slackers

I shouldn’t use Datatables at all. They are unreliable in plugins.
The correct way of doing it is this:
create a new .ini file in a new folder in your plugin directory named:
(the name can be of your choosing)

Then in the .ini file you start filling out your tags like this:

GameplayTagList=(Tag=“MyPlugin.Tag.A”,DevComment=“This tag do A stuff”)
GameplayTagList=(Tag=“MyPlugin.Tag.B”,DevComment=“This tag do B stuff”)

Thats it!

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Great to know you fixed the issue. And thank you for sharing the solution.

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I tried this but it does not work. The tags I added to the config file did not appear in the editor project settings.