Can't add event for interface function

I am trying to communicate between my level blueprint and character blueprint with a blueprint interface called “WeaponPickup”. I set up the level blueprint to call the interface function using a collision trigger.

However, I am not able to add an event in my character blueprint for when that function is called. I am trying to follow an example from a pre-made project wherein I can just right-click on the character blueprint background and type “Event WeaponPickup” and add the event with no problem. In my project I try to do the same thing but there is no event for the WeaponRecieved function.

This is what I am trying to recreate:

But I cannot do this in my project. Is there something I have to do to be able to add an event for my interface function in a blueprint?
Thanks for any help, I am stumped here.

Does your character blueprint implement the interface?

That’s what I was missing, thanks chief.