Can't Add Event BeginPlay Nodes Anywhere

Hi, I am using Unreal 4.20.2 and, I don’t know how or why it randomly started doing this, but I can no longer add the Event BeginPlay node in any of the event graphs within the blueprint editor. Whenever I click on “Add Event” and then click on “Event BeginPlay”, the blueprint focuses on any existing Event BeginPlay nodes. It doesn’t add them. Is there a fix for this?

This is intended behavior. Like it or not, event source nodes like BeginPlay, Tick, the various input events, or any custom events, can only have one copy per Blueprint graph. I realize this can make node organization more difficult in some respects, but luckily there are plenty of supported ways to help organize your graphs even despite this limitation.

One easy suggestion for improving Blueprint organization is using Sequence nodes. These allow you to add and remove execution pins and help arrange your graph vertically as well as horizontally. Also, collapsing parts of your graph into functions or otherwise can save a lot of space and dramatically improve readability. Both are worth looking into, if you’re not already doing them.

Sorry that this isn’t the news you were hoping for, but I hope this info helps nonetheless.