Can't Add Actor Reference to Array in UE 5

I can’t seem to add an actor to an actor reference array in UE5. It works in UE 4.27. I create a variable in the level blueprint, make it an actor > object reference. Then make it an array. Then compile and add array elements. Each comes with a pull down list that lists objects in the level. When I try to select one (player starts in this case) nothing happens. In UE 4.27, it works fine.

Is this a UE5 bug? Or has something changed in the API?

Do you have the player starts placed in the level?


Works here in 5.1 in a standard level.
Are you maybe on the open world template? It might be different there.

I’m in the FPS Demo level. But, I’m using 5.02. I will update and try again. Maybe that has something to do with it.

I’ve met the same problem as you in 5.1.1. Hope anyone can solve it.