cant activate Datasmith pluggin in new project

I recently installed the Datasmith pluggin and got it working nicely in a project, but when I went to start a new project I noticed the pluggin was not activated (the button was not present in the toolbar).

So I went back to look at the documentation to see how to activate it for my new project, and read that it is as simple as this:

“If you have a .udatasmith file that you exported from an application like Autodesk 3ds Max, Revit, or SketchUp Pro, enable the Importers > Datasmith Importer Plugin”

The problem is that this simple instruction does not tell us where this is. I have looked through all the pluggins in UE4 and can not see anything with the name Importers or Datasmith at all. Where am I supposed to activate this pluggin?


Thank goodness for other users helping out. The documentation really failed here. See this for more info: