Can't acess level blueprint variables


I’m trying to access a Boolean variable stored in my level blueprint using another blueprint. However each time I try I get accessed none errors.

Do you actully storevrefrene to pevel blueprint instace in “New Var”?

new var is an empty actor variable.

The image below shows a 2nd solution by directly referencing the variable. However it still get the accessed none error.

You should know whats the problem yourself

None = Empty

You cant call funtions on empty varable

I’m confused.
But its not empty, it should contain all the variables from the level1 blueprint.

what functionality are you actually trying to achieve? if you explain what you want the boolean to represent, there may be a more logical place for that boolean to exist.

It is empty if you geting “None” error, you need to put level blueprint refrence inside it or else your blueprint on’t know which object to use.

I agree to that, i tried to find way to get access to LevelScriptActor (true name of level blueprint class), but it seems it’s only accessable via C++, or else you send object refrence from level blueprint to some other object. Or else Level1 class you made is not level blueprint, then you need to populate that “New Var” or “Targe Blueprint” ih refrence to Level1 object that you need to spawn beforehand

Its a simple boolean that tells the objects in the game whether the game has started.

level1 is the name of the level.

I’ll look into this thank you.

Ok spending lots of time on how to do that innormal thing i finnaly got solution!Go to your level Bluprint,then go to CLASS DEFAULTS and (on my one)to your right you will see a tab called DEFAULT! there will be your custom boolean or variables you created!Put mark on them and now you can use your booleans or variables wherever you want! yahooooo!1