Can't access to BPCharacter input

HI ,
I’m creating a little 2D fighting game in ue4 (It is just a little test ^^) , and I’m trying to make simple animation, or attack action, and this work for the first character but that doesn’t work for the second who doesn’t make input at all, I try H pressed for exemple but nothing happen :confused: I can move him with Input Project Setting + copy/paste basic Player Controler and he has run and walk animation. But make custom animation for him doesn’t work. So I don’t know why that doesn’t work for this character because that work for the first :confused: How can I detect his input and solve my animation problem :confused: ? I try to get sprite as “cast to” but that doesn’t work, I post a screen of animation system. Tell me if that need more information
**Thank you ! **:slight_smile: