Can't access the forum

I have an account that works fine on everything except the forums. If I click ‘Register’ it takes me to the registration page where I am already logged in. If I click ‘Login’ it takes me to and then back to not being logged in.

Hey wolfadex -

I am sorry you are having an issue getting onto the forums. I am showing you as a registered user on the forums so you should be able to login without having to register again. You should be able to login to the forums with your Unreal Login Email and password (it will be the same as what you login to the AnswerHub oe with). Also when you login, are you seeing the Thank You for Logging in redirect page or are you immediately being sent to the main forum page again to login?

Let me know -

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric, I am having the same problem. I cannot login to the forums by using the same information i use to log in to the answerhub. I attempted to login at 9:40 am CT.


I see the Thank You/redirect page and then the main forum page.

OK, Can you attempt to login again and if you cannot please send me the exact time you attempted to login and your timezone.

Thank You wolfadex -

Eric Ketchum

Hey wolfadex and Jesse -

Also without telling me your password let me know if are you using any non standard, non Latin Alphanumeric characters (for instance a Cyrillic character or a letter with an umlaut)?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I attempted to login at 10:02 AM Central Time.

I am not using and non-standard or non-Latin Alphanumeric characters.

Yep, I am also not using any non-standard or non-Latin Alphanumeric characters

Hi Eric, any luck with this?

Hi Eric, have there been any updates?

Hey guys -

We are working on this issue, but I have no news as of yet.

Thank You for your patience -

Eric Ketchum


Hope your weekend was great! Have there been any updates on this issue?

Hey wolfadex -

We haven’t forgotten you. I am working with our accounts team to try to find a solution to the issue.

Thank You for your patience -

Eric Ketchum

Sorry for piggybacking on this isssue, but were you able to find a solution to the problem. I keep having the same issue

Hey Wolfdex and Jesse -

Thank you for your patience while we are working on this issue. So far we have had little success in reproducing the issue on out test servers and cannot see anything wrong with the account, however, I have one last thing I want to try.

Can you go to Download Unreal Engine - Unreal Engine and create a new “unpaid” account. After creating that new account, please go to and try to login with the new account. If you are able to do so, please come back here and reply as wolfadex and Jesse what your new account user name is.

If this works we will be able to port over all entitlements from the original accounts to the new account.

Thank You Again for your Patience and understanding -

Eric Ketchum


I created a new account, parhelion, and was able to successfully log into the forums.

Thank you!

Eric, would it be possible for me to keep my username of wolfadex? If not I understand but I figured I’d ask just in case.

Hey -

Awesome! We are working on making sure we can get your account back up to snuff as seamlessly as possible and I have passed on your request to keep your old user name.

I will keep you informed as soon as I hear anything.

Eric Ketchum