Can't access Metahuman Creator

Hello, (apologies if this post is in the wrong place - first time using these forums).

I can’t access Metahuman Creator via or any other link. I just get redirected over and over again to the same page which say’s: “Your access to MetaHuman Creator is confirmed. Stand by while we redirect you.” → Then redirects back to itself.

I have tried different browsers, different computers etc. Still no luck.

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Hello, I’m experiencing the same problem, stuck in a loop refreshing the page, tried all browser that i know but still not working, can someone give a suggestion, or a way to fix this?

Thanks in advance!!

Just want to say that this problem still has not been solved for me, 21 days later.


I´m having this problem more than 6 months now and i dont see any response about this problem.

The only thing i see is , for some reasons people located in Europe and USA can access, but people in Brazil , for example, cannot.

It´s possible put some more details on the Login informing what to do,more detailed information like: “You are outside of Server regions” or something like this?

Honestly, its terrible see a great new feature in the engine and i cannot access it only becouse i live in a different country…

Same here. Redirect over and over to the page. I’m live in Spain.