cant access market place via launcher

cant access market place via launcher
just hangs forever

Hey @chronoss2008, we experienced a brief outage yesterday for the Marketplace in the launcher. This should now be resolved, but if you are still experiencing the issue after restarting the launcher, please let us know.

it was ok to see stuff but when i went to get a onsale item today i get


Server Error

We are currently doing some updates to the site.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we should be back online shortly. Thank you for your patience.

still same error

@chronoss2008 We haven’t seen any other reports of this issue and we haven’t been able to reproduce it internally. If you are still experiencing the issue, could you please provide a full screenshot of the error and exactly what you are doing when it happens?

I’ve had the same problem since last night. I can open marketplace and choose stuff but as soon as I hit checkout I get this (screenshot attached) and then it hangs I can’t even close the window without task manager.

Had exactly same problem on epic launcher marketplace when checking out. Hit help and got logged in from browser(chrome); i went to marketplace/shopping cart there and checked out successfuly. It seems like a launcher problem. This might help people who have same problem.

any idea when this will be normal again?

both marketplace in launcher and browser dont work for me now.

Hey I wanted to buy a bunch of stuff but can’t access the marketplace.

Same here, been doing that to me since yesterday, spitting out 500 errors and stuff.

Having exactly the same issues… can’t access the marketplace and when I try to checkout getting error 500. This is really annoying now since it lasts for some days now.