Can't access Jump to (Frames) function in blueprints

Hi everybody,

I am currently having problems accessing the Jump To (Frames) method. I have in my Blueprint a Level Sequence Player which I would like to call this method from.

However it seems this method can’t be foundThe 4.26 Cinematic documentation here states this method exists and should be accessible. I really don’t understand why I cannot. My project is in 4.26 as well.

I want to inform that I can however access some of the other methods shown in the documentation (Play, Pause, Play Looping and many others). Also Jump To (Frames) isn’t the only one not working, same applies to Jump To (Seconds), Scrub To (Frames), Scrub To (Seconds) and others.

Does anybody have any idea why this might be ? I really don’t understand why the method is at least not visible when the context sensitivity is disabled.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Edit: I went back to a project of mine with that same method in UE 4.23 and selected the jump to frames node along with its supporting blueprint nodes, copied them, then pasted them INTO my 4.26 project. Everything BUT the Jump to Frames node copied over.

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