Can't access Gameplay Tasks inside a Blueprint function.


My general idea/setup is as follows - a base blueprint class derived from nav link proxy that calls a function (on nav link event) that is supposed to be overridden by other classes. The function is supposed to create a gameplay task based on the logic of a derived class (for example jump) and start it. The function has one of its inputs as a reference to Gameplay Tasks Component which should be used for creation and starting of a task. The problem, however, is that I can’t access any creation functions from inside the blueprint function. By that I mean that they aren’t even in the list of available functions to call. But the said functions are present when I’m trying to access them in the event graph which causes further confusion.

It feels like I’m missing on something about Blueprint functions but can’t wrap my head around on what exactly. Perhaps this should be done in some other way? The idea I’m trying to do is how I’d do in C++ and that’s perhaps where I’m wrong. Would appreciate any help with this.

Here you can see that functions like “Task Wait Delay” aren’t present not to mention my own:

But all of them are present while trying to access them from the event graph (“Create Jump Task” is mine):

Found the reason for this. Certain functions are called “latent” and can only be called in top level graphs.