Can't access forum inbox due to the latest changes

My inbox link is nowhere to be seen since the navigation bar has changed. Or am I missing something somewhere?

The New Posts through to Quick links vanished for me using Chrome, needed AdBlock to banish the bar and regain forum function :slight_smile:

@ Epic
Concur with SE_JonF. The topmost menu isn’t showing up in Chrome but works fine in old or new versions of Firefox.
Even so, its still not easy to locate the inbox. Workaround: Click on a forum username then choose send pm etc.

I can’t see any notifications over here either. Using Firefox as my browser.

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Chrome doesn’t work anymore. Can’t even login as there’s no normal webpage topbar, along with no notifications panel.
Firefox shows the new topbar, so its possible to login, but it doesn’t have any notifications panel as SE_JonF already said.

Is this problem in any way related to the successful AH overhaul…? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to worry, Notifications seem to be back for both Chrome & Firefox.
Found a workaround to login using Chrome without the topbar header…
(Follow any link to download the game engine as it’ll produce a login box)…

Glad notifications are back. Hope some of the other browser related issues are fixed soon as well. =)

The top bar is still hiding everything for me. It’s quite annoying!

Now it’s vanishing, and then reappearing on my end. =P

Seeing the same here. Very annoying - test your features before you roll them out!

Or just roll them back altogether… The forums didn’t need a ‘fat’ banner…

I think it’s supposed to be site-wide, but it is rather large.

I like the new bar, I think it’s hiding something, lol. It might be a little more thin!


Hi everyone,

The notifications have been moved slightly down the page.


Please check on the right hand side of the screen to see if it is there for you. If not, please let me know along with what OS and browser you are on so we can try to repro on our end. Additionally, if you notice any other login or other errors please post them here so I can have a look. Thanks!

I can see it now, but it’s still no good. The drop down menu directly above it often drops down when trying to click on notifications. I’d imagine this problem is going to be more pronounced with smaller screen resolutions - the fat bar is pretty fat.

Hey everyone, thanks for letting us know about this! The online team is moving quickly to address it asap. Let me know if there is anything else not function as expected or being a problem.

I don’t know if this has any importance here!

But why not make this bar animate to up when the page is moved down. The bar slides up a bit when the page is slided down.

like this.
Look at the behavior of the topbar when you scroll

I had something like this in my old experimental website with a more smoother and adaptive behavior, fonts and logo.

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