Can't access child BP variable in viewport

basically i have a door bp that has a variable choosing what level to load.
when just using the door i can type what level to load in the detail panel, But when i use my other BP containing the door, i dont get access to anything.
alt text
The String variable is set to public as well.
Any clues ?

From what i saw by reading many related posts, Child BP are not reliable at all… seemed natural to do so, i hope this issue gets fixed in the near future.

Maybe I’m missing how you’re really supposed to do this, but I have come across this problem many times, and basically stopped using child BPs, for this sort of thing.

It’s the same inside the BP, even though you can see the child variables, you can’t set them.

The only solution is to set the at run time.

So, you’re solution would be to put a editor visible variable on the parent BP, and the parent passes this value to the child.

I don’t thing a fix is coming. This used to work in earlier versions of the engine and disappeared around 4.24, I seem to recal…

So if there’s a need to do it this way, I think creating those variables in the parent actor, which would allow them to show in the pane, and then passing them to the child component in the constructor should do the trick. Hacky or not. It would at least allow them to see the variable as they intend to do.

Hold up. Do you have a door blueprint here that you’re using in a different door blueprint or what’s the difference between the bp_yourte and bp_door?

It’s a Child Actor Component. There were plans for supporting this but it does not work atm and probably never will. Shame, really.

You can hack around it but this is not an area where child actors components shine.

Understood, but why have a bp inside another bp that does the same thing? You make a parent door then make a new bp w/ the parent door selected as the parent class correct? That should allow for the variables to still show up but this is a nested bp it looks like. I don’t see his settings inside each of the BP’s but that’s what the hierarchy looks like to me. A door BP w/ a door BP child component.

I think pic 1 is the door BP, pic 2 is the door as a child of the turret room…

That’s what I said :wink: