Can't Access Blueprint Toolbar

Looks like you’re stuck in docking mode. In the upper left corner, there is a tiny yellow arrow, it will extend a tab and then you can try to dock it manually by dragging it around.

If you can’t click it, go to Window → Reset Layout…

When this happens to me, I drag the offending pane into the tab row of another UE window, then drag it back to where it was, and that fixes it for me.

Hi guys!
UE4 noob here. So, I was working on a project I’m making as practice for using Unreal (using Virtus’s FPS tutorial, great series btw), and I went into an animation blueprint when I went to look at the tutorial again and all of a sudden the toolbar looks like this.

I can’t press anything inside it, meaning I can’t compile my work. Anyone had this happen to them before? Thanks.

ive had this problem also but personally i would use the reset layout as last resort since you will have to do back and fix your setup. the way that resolved the issue for me was just restarting the editor.