Cant access any pages in Online Learning

Hi, I tried to take the video courses in online learning page. But I got an access error in every courses page like the following picture.

How can I resolve this?

I just tried it, works for me. Try re-starting your browser, or try a different browser…

No, I already tried Firefox and Chrome. Both of them got the same error message.

Here is the message logs from network monitor. Hope these can help.

Still!? I have no idea I’m afraid, have you also tried Edge?

You could also try deleting all cookies etc.

I have the same issue for couple month. Today, I try to unlink google account from my unreal account then login with e-mail then it work. You could also try the same may be it will work.

Same issue.

Error URL: > Register

Console log:
Form:1 POST Register 500 (Internal Server Error)

But when I login with someone else’s account, it displays normally.
Epic Games Store (Website) & Epic Games Launcher work fine.
I already tried google chrome(clear cookies and cache), microsoft edge, firefox(new installed) , using my cellphone still the same problem.

I have asked for Epic Games Player Support, AnswerHub, and Unreal Online Learning Support. I still cannot use the online learning platform for four months.