Can't access

I cannot access any page on since a month now, it’s really hitting my productivity.
I think my IP/account is blocked or something? Here’s what I observed:

On PC, on home wifi, I just get “403 Forbidden”.
The following did not work:

  • Changing browsers
  • Logging out
  • Clearing cache
  • Turning off ad blocker
  • Trying incognito mode

On mobile, on home wifi, same behaviour as above.

However, on mobile, on data, I’m able to access But when I login, I get “An internal error has occurred and we are sorry for the inconvenience.” So I’m overall blocked and can’t post questions or upvote answers. Adding screenshots.

PC and mobile, on home wifi:

Mobile, on data, on login:

Works fine for me.

Are you behind a VPN? Are you using an AdBlocker?

Are you using a reverse proxy and/or DNS server like AdGuard or PiHole?

I sent in a ticket and all because I couldn’t access the classes for the Blueprint Ninja Challenge, and like 10 sec after I submitted the ticket, I noticed I had my VPN turned on.

None of those. Plain ol’ home internet setup.
(Also, I have adblocker, but like I mentioned, it doesn’t matter whether it’s enabled or not. And phone doesn’t have adblocker either)

Where do I send in a ticket?

Hi @tanmayb
Request to
Support request (
But first check the information in here and Clear all you packets, cookies and stored data in your browser and enable multiple login or change your password. Please read
Troubleshooting Connection Issues - Technical Support (

Hi @tanmayb ,

Please share if you already found a solution to this problem, I am also facing the same issue.

Answerhub is being merged with the forum here so you may not be able to access it

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Answerhub is being merged with the forum here so you may not be able to access it

Yeah, I realized that, and now, all the answerhub links open here, which works for me!