Can't acces to a variable


I want to print the score of the playerand the AI in the game.
So I created a BluePrint Widget and put some text on variable.
To put it on the game I created a BluePrint Actor and put the Widget in it, but I can’t acces to the variable to update the text.

I think there is something I don’t understand about the Widget but I don’t see it

Thank you

Hi, Mat,

How can we help you if you don’t post any photos or video? And assuming you’re new to Unreal, how could you expect to explain your issue properly if you don’t understand how the platform works?

This isn’t directed specifically to you, so pardon me if I come across this way, but it’s important to give AS MUCH DATA AS POSSIBLE, instead of having the community pull information out of you.


Here some screen shot

I don’t know how to really show you because When I want to set the Variable “Player” or “Ennemy” they doesn’t appears from the Widget

Thank you

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Have you looked up tutorials on how to use widgets? You’re not using them correctly, nor are you calling the widget in your blueprint. You need to learn how to do all of that first.

Ok thank you,

Not on widget in particular but I watched a tutorial where he used widget to put informations on screen so I tried to apply it to my needs.

I’ll watch this and let you know

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Ok It’s working fine know Thank you.

that’s what I Did
In my Widget Blue Print I take my both variable for the player and AI score

And in my Player BluePrint I put the widget on screen and whe I increment the score I update my Widget

I don’t know if it’s really optimised to put every step on the same Event (like in the last screenshot) but it’s working

Thank you again