Canon Man Tutorial: Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes - July 26th - Live from Epic HQ

I think this was it. I remember the context being that someone wanted a Super Smash Bros-style camera that zooms based on character’s distances from each other.

Great, thanks a lot!

You guys mentioned during the stream that this project would be made available to us somehow. Did this ever happen? I don’t see it in the Learn tab and I’m not sure where else I should look. :slight_smile:

Can someone explain to me how they connected the collisions/overlaps to the individual blocks in order to destroy them??

Are collision shapes seperated into individual actors/components per block, while only the renedring is done “instanced”?

Or do they use a mathematical approach that only works when you have a regular grid?

Or is there actually a way to know the index of the instance for a collision of an ISMC ??

If the bomb hits a weakbox, can you set it to do something other than remove its instance like print a string instead?

In every game, the team is important! Who agrees with me?

Hi the file does not seem to exist, not to sure where to view it