cannot walk through green trace lines after collition with SphereTraceForObjetcs in animNotifyState in ue4

I cannot walk through the green lines after a collition.
The player character has a sword attack animation

then I created and animNotifyState to know the impact point

works fine, the sword attack the enemy, but after the enemy is killed, i cannot walk through the green lines

the player character can still hit those green lines and therefore create more green lines, even when the enemy is gone

if i create a custom colliton preset, for example CHARCOLLITION and assigned to my character Mesh capsule, the character cannot even pick up the sword.
if I create a custom colliton preset for the enemies, and applied them in the enemies capsule, the red and green lines never appear
I made the sockets of the animNotifyState inside the player charater skeleton right hand. not in the sword mesh.
I got the same problems if I drop the sword

this foced windows update seems to produce some funky troubles in Version: 4.27.2-18319896+++UE4+Release-4.27